Automotive Retailers Association

AutoMind Vancouver
March 21, 2016
Brenda Lin
Brenda Lin
July 16, 2021

AutoMind is a proud member of the Automotive Retailers Association (ARA).

ARA Mission Statement

  • To be the engine of industry development to set practices and standards that enhance opportunities for retail success while protecting the safety and satisfaction of the motoring public.
  • To create compelling opportunities for membership participation in enhancing our industry and the communities in which we operate.

Collision Repair Division

The Collision Repair Division (CRD) represents the interests of auto body shop businesses in B.C., including serving on liaison committees with ICBC, Automotive Training Standards Organization, Metro Vancouver and other stakeholders. By serving on several ICBC liaison committees the ARA provides input on behalf of the industry to ICBC policies, such as standards of performance, shop labour and parts and materials pay rates to name a few. The division has a long history of accomplishments such as the Collision Repair Industry Agreement (CRIA)

Industry Advocacy

The health of the B.C. automotive industry depends on the best interest of auto body shops being represented. ARA strengthens ours voice, uniting it with our peers to ensure it’s heard by those that matter – those that can influence the business climate. AutoMind is supporting the Association’s activities and contributing toward making our industry stronger.


The ARA is a hub that allows us to connect with people that matter to our business, from industry colleagues to other associations, training providers, and governing bodies. We learn from your peers, and share information on business practices.