Our Process

Realizing that many customers would like to understand the detailed work involved, the following is an outline of the 14 main steps involved to repair your vehicle when you bring it to AutoMind. Each step is completed fully and accurately with attention to detail, guaranteeing that your vehicle is repaired to its original pre-accident condition.

  • 01 - Scheduling In

    In the Scheduling In stage, the customer has either dropped by an AutoMind facility or phoned in and spoken with any of the AutoMind Repair Process […]
  • 02 - Vehicle Here

    In the Vehicle Here stage, the vehicle has been dropped off to AutoMind. It is either driven in by the customer or, if the vehicle is […]
  • 03 - Holding Vehicle

    In the Holding Vehicle stage, no repairs are being performed on the vehicle. Some reasons for a vehicle being in this stage would be: pending insurance […]
  • 04 - Approved

    In the Approved stage, the vehicle is given a go ahead to start the repairs. Authorization has been given by the insurance company and also by […]
  • 05 - Disassemble

    A vehicle in the Disassemble stage will undergo a complete tear down on the damaged area to reveal any possible hidden damages. All necessary parts or […]
  • 06 - Repair Plan

    In the Repair Plan stage, all the operations required to complete the repairs on the vehicle is identified. This includes: Strategic disassembly to identify 100% or […]
  • 07 - Build Down

    In the Build Down stage, AutoMind is working to reduce the repair to the point that the vehicle can be put into a “predictable” process cycle […]
  • 08 - Bodywork

    A vehicle in the Bodywork stage is undergoing body surface repair. Body repair involves any outer body surface of the vehicle. It includes sheet metal repair, […]
  • 09 - Refinish

    A vehicle in the Refinishing stage is getting painted. All repaired areas will be prepped and chemically washed down to remove all surface contaminates. The repaired […]
  • 10 - Reassembly

    A vehicle in the Reassembly stage is being reassembled. All of the undamaged parts that were previously removed as well as any replacement parts will be […]
  • 11 - Sublet

    A vehicle in the Sublet repair stage has either been sent out to a specialty shop or a specialist has been called in onsite to perform […]
  • 12 - Detailing

    A vehicle in the Detailing stage is getting detailed. To remove any dust that may have resulted from the repair process, the vehicle’s interior is thoroughly […]
  • 13 - Vehicle Ready

    A vehicle in the Vehicle Ready stage is ready to be picked up. All repairs are completed and inspected. The paperwork is ready to be signed. […]
  • 14 - Vehicle Returned

    A vehicle in the Vehicle Returned stage has already been returned. It is either picked up by the customer or by any appointed personnel. Any information […]