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  • Mami M
    I am writing this review on behalf of my father. He recently had his van fixed after suffering an accident. "Your services were excellent. I could tell that the work atmosphere was very good. I had asked if it was possible to have some left over paint for future touch ups and when I came back to pick up my van, your associate remembered my request and gave me some. This showed to me how excellent your customer service is. I would highly recommend AMC Service Centre (Automind). I received my van much cleaner than I had left it too. Thank you very much and keep up the amazing work!" - Mike
    Mami M
  • William Mah
    Professional, courteous, friendly service. Transparent repair process and kept me informed along the way. Derek Chao, their Senior Repair Process Manager, ensured the experience was seamless and painless. Thanks AutoMind!
    William Mah
  • Kelly Campbell
    They took care of all the details from dealing with ICBC to arranging a courtesy vehicle. They picked up my vehicle & dropped off the rental car all while i was working. Highly recommend AutoMind
    Kelly Campbell
  • Ken Dercole
    I was rear ended in my new car and, after getting through ICBC that morning I was able to have my car evaluated at auto industry within 2 hours and repaired starting 4 days later. Everything was so clear, so easy, so well done that I was very pleasantly surprised at how it all worked out. My car was returned in new car condition on time and without one hitch.
    Ken Dercole
  • Marga Veloso
    The staff are very friendly and helpful. Got my side mirror fixed and they gave me an estimate and had me come back when part has been ordered. Service was quick and they did a good job. Very transparent too :)
    Marga Veloso
  • Tiffany Koo
    Had a great experience with AutoMind! They were very personable and willing to help. They were thorough and open about their process, walking me through every step.
    Tiffany Koo

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