AutoMind Featured in Collision Repair Magazine

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February 2, 2013
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AutoMind Featured in Collision Repair Magazine

AutoMind’s technology-aided customer service featured in industry-leading magazine

Collision Repair magazine is a leading auto repair industry magazine. Serving the Canadian industry as the leading source of information, Collision Repair magazine is a strong promoter of better relationships among collision repairers, insurers and the manufacturing supply chain. Collision Repair magazine is dedicated to improving the image of the industry. Their mandate is to promote dialogue and focus on the many positive aspects of the $3 billion market through current updates, profiles and monitoring industry trends. It is sent to every auto body repair shop and many auto body repair industry-related companies in Canada.

AutoMind has been featured in the “Profile of Excellence” section in the March 2010 issue of Collision Repair Magazine. The feature focuses on AutoMind’s technology and how it is used to provide a better customer experience through the web.


It saves time. If customers are curious about their cars, they don’t have to call the office to find out at which point in the repair process it is… If you have a smart phone or computer handy, telling a friend how some idiot ran into your truck can easily lead to logging in to the AutoMind website to show off the photos.

Along the way they picked up the tag line “Open Up”. Refreshingly, it’s something you see reflected in the realities of their operation. It’s apparent in their account pages, where customers can see every detail, including pre-repair photos of their vehicle.


It also touches on our partner relationships and how we are developing strategies to strengthen our relations through better informing our partners.


Recently, they’ve introduced an online partners’ interface to their arsenal. It’s geared toward their dealership, fleet manager and insurance provider partners. Once they create a login account, the interface provides centralized information on all the vehicles that are at AutoMind for that particular client. As with the customer accounts, it cuts down on the number of call-ins and makes life easier for partners who have a lot of vehicles to keep tabs on.


The entire AutoMind family is proud to have been featured in Collision Repair magazine for their cutting-edge client and partner services.

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