All new B.C. drivers start out on the Claim-Rated Scale at a base rate (0). From there you will move up or down the scale for every claim you cause or for every claim-free year. If you are at fault for a claim, you will move up the scale and pay more for your Autoplan coverage. If you do not have any claims, you will move down the scale and receive a discount on your premium. Drivers move down the scale for each year they avoid claims and up the scale for each at-fault claim. Drivers above base rate on the scale pay a surcharge while drivers below base rate receive a discount.

The following chart will give you an idea of how much difference you insurance will cost if you have an at-fault accident.

Current Claim Scale     (min 10 max -20)
Basic Coverage $
Third Party $
Collision $
Comprehensive $
*This chart is for informational purposes only. Automind is not providing advice, legal or otherwise, nor do we warrant the accuracy or completeness of this information or undertake to update. We urge you to discuss your insurance needs with your insurance provider.

Year No Claim Have Claim Difference
Scale Amount Scale Amount
1-1$0.00  6$0.00  $0.00  
2-2$0.00  5$0.00  $0.00  
3-3$0.00  4$0.00  $0.00  
4-4$0.00  0$0.00  $0.00  
5-5$0.00  -1$0.00  $0.00  
6-6$0.00  -2$0.00  $0.00  
7-7$0.00  -3$0.00  $0.00  

ICBC Claim-Rated Scale


To find out more about the Claim-Rated Scale, visit the ICBC website